Cover Design and Artwork by Mario John Borgatti
ISBN : 987-1-312-40628-5
The assertion that there is a God fits the facts, the logic, and human experience. Indeed, when all the relevant factors are examined, one finds that the assertion that God exists is by far the more reasonable proposition, (compared to the alternative), and the more supportable. Some people disagree, including some of the world’s premier scientists. We shall examine both sides.

The question should not be, does God Exist?
God is bigger than existence.

The basis of physical reality
is not physical.
That would defy logic.

Until science explains consciousness,
it has explained nothing.

Life, consciousness and free will
give rise to physical reality.

Science has faith in an ordered universe.
It has no idea what is the basis of that order.
How then, can any scientist doubt God?

Cover Design and Art by Mario John Borgatti