a novel of good and evil
by Robert Arvay
Two women of destiny--- one a witch, the other a priestess:  against each other, they will contend for the soul of their world, and just as fiercely, for the heart of the man they both love.
In their childhood, the girls are the very closest of friends.  Indeed, in a moment of great danger, each lays down her life for the other.
But as they approach adulthood, the maidens become caught up 
in world-shaking events, which they can neither control nor understand.  Each, in her separate way, decides to take charge of her own destiny. To that end, each of them must make her fateful decision, a decision between good and evil.  
They choose differently.  And from then onward, they are mortal enemies.  One must live.  One must die.
One woman's husband has been abducted by slave merchants, for bloodsport.  Desperate to rescue him, she turns to a demon. The demon grants her wish, but there is a price to be paid:  her servitude in witchcraft.  But can he still love her as a witch?  Has she lost him after all?  Or, can she seduce him also, into the same darkness which has now overtaken her?
The other woman seeks to escape an impending, arranged marriage to a loathsome man.  He is vulgar, crude and immoral.  She finds that her only other option is to become a priestess in the Temple of the Orb.  But she much prefers that, the prospect of a celibate life, as a priestess, to the wretched existence of a chattel wife.
However, in doing this, she goes into the sacred priesthood of the  temple with a terrible secret.  For she has unwillingly fallen in love, a forbidden love, with the husband of her former best friend.  In her passion for him, the priestess desires not only to prevent his descent into evil, but also, she yearns for his romantic affections, his physical charms as a man.  
Soon she will be faced with the fearsome duty of going into battle against the Demonwitch.  But the motives of the priestess are impure. And even if she can find the moral strength which alone can empower her to victory, even then, can the priestess bring herself to slay the woman who once risked all to save her life?
* * * * *
Demonwitch is a swords and sorcery novel.  But it stands apart from others of the genre.  For although it is fantasy, and although there are demons and demi-men, the characters struggle not merely against forces outside themselves, but also within.  Each woman must wage a war, each within her own soul, a struggle between good and evil, between darkness and light, between truth and deception--- and even sometimes, between love and lust.
The novel is fiction, of course.  But the conflict between good and evil is all too real.  Demonwitch is purely for  entertainment.  But it offers a challenge to those who seek more.
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