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Demonwitch is now being published by POD, that is, Publishing on Demand.  When you order a copy, that one copy is printed on demand, just for you.  There is no pre-printed inventory just yet.
The plan is to move production over to a more conventional publisher as soon as that can be arranged.  Since publishers are hesitant to take on new authors, the book will have to prove itself in a very difficult and competitive market.
That's where you come in.  People who buy the book now will be the ones who decide whether they will recommend it to friends and family, or not.
On this page, there is a more detailed evaluation of what KIND of novel this is.  Hopefully, if you are undecided as to whether to take a chance on it or not, this will help you to choose wisely.
More Information About Demonwitch
Demonwitch is a Brand New novel that has been twenty-plus years in the writing.
It is in a genre that spans Fantasy, Romance, and Adventure.
It is also serious literature.  
For, in Demonwitch, the heroes are not superheroes, but rather, they are ordinary people with ordinary shortcomings (or as ordinary as one can get in a swords and sorcery novel!).
They cannot solve every problem with a convenient magic spell.  Even the supernatural has rules and limitations, and the novel seeks to portray realistic people (once again, considering the genre) who must confront realistic problems.
Along the way they stumble and fail, make mistakes, and yes, they even do things that are selfish and petty. In other words, they are human.
But at the same time, they remind us that heroes are not just people who are physically strong, not just people with special talents, and not people who never feel weakness or fear or temptation.  Heroes are people who make the difficult choices in life, choosing to do what is right, even when there is a heavy price for doing so.
The demonwitch chooses evil, and at the time she does, you may well sympathize with her.  For her husband has been abducted by cruel slavemasters, who intend to use him in the barbaric entertainment of the arena in bloodsport.  When she turns for help to God, she gets an answer that she just cannot, or will not accept.  She blames God for her travails, and rejects His difficult path for what she believes will be a better one.
The Priestess chooses good, but for all the wrong reasons.  When she discovers that she is to be given in marriage to a man whom she despises and detests, she rebels, and escapes to the temple, where as a priestess she will never marry anyone.  She does not choose to fall in love with her best friend's husband, but that unwelcome love continues to burn within her.  With impure motives, she must now recognize that her duty is to oppose her best friend, the woman whose husband she secretly loves.  It will be a struggle with eternal consequence.  But can she kill the one who once saved her life?
There are also two men in the story.  One of them is the witch's husband.  The other is the man whom the priestess refuses to marry.
They are very different.  One, the witch's husband, is gentle and well mannered, while the other is crude, dirty, and immoral.
The gentle man seeks to do God's will, but when he finds that his wife has saved his life by witchcraft, he is torn by inner conflict.
The crude man eventually becomes a banditlord, an enemy of the gentle fellow.  But there is in his heart the smallest flicker of light, a vague recognition that the priestess is a very special person.
When the four of them are thrust together against a common enemy, each must struggle within his or her soul, whether for good or for evil, to discover what it is that each truly desires in life, and how best to obtain it. 
There is a surprise ending, one that you may never guess, but once it happens, you might say, it was obvious all along.